Friday, February 22, 2013

Legends from Ages Past

Birgitte Trahelion Silverbow will appear the most often out of this group, after being pulled into the real "present" world. I like Biddie Hodson for the role, because she looks strong and statuesque, like a Valkyrie. She actually looks very close to how I pictured Birgitte from the beginning.

Lews Therin Telamon, the man who led the assault against the Dark One, sealed the Bore, trapping him and most of the Foresaken, and was the first to be driven mad by the taint, will appear in the first episode prologue, and later show up as a ghost that only Rand can see. He will be played by David Hall Page.

Noal Charin, aka: Jain Farstrider, will show up late, already an old man, but he has a fair bit to do.  George Innes is a good fit for this character.

Although he'll only appear the once (as far as I know) I had to cast Artur "Hawkwing" Paendrag because he's such a well-known figure in this world. However, I didn't want to pick a super-well-known dude, so I went with Richard Trinder, who fits the description well enough.

Finally, I know Gaidal Cain only appears once, and I know that he's supposed to be short, but Matthew Willig looks so much like I always imagined him that I simply had to cast him.

Next Up: The Tinkers and the Sheinarans!

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