Friday, February 22, 2013

The Asha'man

I gotta say, this choice may change if this guy's star rises as high as I'm thinking it will, but Aiden Turner just looks so close to how I always pictured Mazrim Taim that I'm sticking with him for now. Plus, he's a huge part; the anti-hero turned open villain is one of the more interesting characters on the show, and would be a joy for any actor, I hope.

Logain Ablar, the first man to declare himself the Dragon Reborn in this story (the other being Taim himself), is described as being a powerful-looking man in his middle years. I like the idea of Steve Bacic (another Canadian!) taking this role. It's smallish at first, but becomes very important later.

Gerry O'Brien
Damer Flinn, Jur Grady and Jahar Narishma can kind of be the "face" of the Asha'man; the old timer, the muscle and Rand's yes-man. They're not really important apart from being Asha'man, but they do have some distinct personality traits (Damer's the better healer, Grady and Narishma the young talented ones).

Liam Garrigan
I've got Gerry O'Brien set to play Damer, while Liam Garrigan is my Grady and Christian Antidormi is my Narishma.
Christian Antidormi

Neal Campbell
Initially, I wasn't going to cast Fedwin Morr, because he really is a kind of minor character. However, the scene where he loses his mind and has to be "put down", more or less, is touching, and necessary, I think, since it reminds us what all Asha'man fear happening to them. I think some time should be spent building up Fedwin before he dies, in order to emotionally invest the viewers. I found an unknown actor named Neal Campbell to play him, based mainly on his look.

Meanwhile, the character of Fager Neald always makes me think of that guy who thinks he's hot stuff but it really a hot mess. Grow a moustache on him, and Kyle Summercorn will do nicely.
Kyle Summercorn
Finally, I've got Daman Malone as Androl Genhald. The character is kind of flat, and is mostly a means of transportation, but he's used a lot, so I cast him.

Next Up:  Two Rivers Folk!

Daman Malone

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