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The most prominent Whitecloak (although that's not who he's first introduced as) is Rand's own half-brother, Galadedrid "Galad" Damodred. He's repeatedly described as being "perfectly beautiful" for a man, but it's hard to know what everyone would consider "perfect" male beauty. Warren Christie, who was in the recently cancelled Alphas, seems like he'd fit the part, though.

The Lord Captain Commander of the Whitecloaks, Pedron Niall, needs to look like he's constantly ready to chew iron and spit nails. I was reminded of Tim Pigott-Smith's iron face from V for Vendetta, and I think he'd do well in this part.

Michael Kitchen
Richard Dillane
The father and son team of Geoffram and Dain Bornhald should look like they're father and son and both look very stern. So, Michael Kitchen is now the father of Richard Dillane.

Jaichim Carridin, aka: Bors, is a fairly prominent Whitecloak/Darkfriend character for the first several books, so having a recognizable actor wouldn't be a bad thing. I went with Diarmaid Murtagh. He's tall, has a stern, dour face and looks pretty tough.

The master torturer, ahem, questioner, Rhadam Asunawa, is described as tall with iron grey hair and (surprise) a stern expression. Craig Walsh-Wrightson looks pretty good to me.

Gaunt, skeletal, creepy. That's dedicated Whitecloak Jaret Byar for you, and who looks creepier (and more gaunt and skeletal, for that matter) than German actor Anatole Taubman? Sure, he's not British, but he didn't stick out any in the mini-series The Pillars of the Earth.
Finally, I picked Johnnie Lyne-Pirkis as Lord Captain Eamon Valda, mainly because he looks stern and unflinching. I admit, casting the Whitecloaks (except Galad) was basically a task in finding stern-looking men.

Next Up: Non-Aligned Characters!

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