Friday, February 22, 2013

Two Rivers Folk

They are unquestionably going to be used only as guest stars, and very rarely, but a lot of people like these characters, so I thought I'd make sure they were included.

Mark Mitchinson, who I am unfamiliar with, looks to have the strength combined with everyman feel that is necessary for Tam al'Thor. Tam may not be used much, but he's a very important character, and it will be important for this role to have the right-looking man in it. He looks like Tam to me.

Cenn Buie, the elderly thatcher/trouble-maker, is a memorable role so I decided to cast a somewhat recognizable face in it. Karl Johnson is mostly known for his work on Rome but he's a character actor that can acclimate well to this character.

Other than being fat, friendly and somewhat wise (for a Two Rivers man), Bran al'Vere isn't really fleshed out much. However, he will show up in at least the first two episodes, so I'm casting him with David Verrey, who I mostly know through his role on Doctor Who as one of the Slitheen.

Finally, Abell Cauthon fights alongside Tam al'Thor against the Trolloc invasion of Emond's fields in Book Four, so really he needs to be included. I chose Joseph Rye because he looks like he could be Augustus Prew's father.

Next Up:  Seanchan!

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